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Takeover 2.0 for Avenger

  • Takeover 2.0
    for Vengeance Avenger

    Discount price: € 38.50 EUR (reg. € 55)

    Takeover - patchpool
  • Takeover 2.0 for Avenger

    Takeover 2.0 for VPS Avenger is an expanded version of my fist Avenger library released in February 2017, expanded in 2019 making use of several features which weren't present in the first version of Avenger (granular synthesis, cross-FM, tuned comb-filter). This sound library provides a broad palette of timbres suitable for a wide variety of musical styles:

    Monumental, epic, dramatic soundscapes with a
    cinematic flavor.
    Heartwarming, fragile, lush, elevating pads.
    Ethereal, fascinating and otherworldly textures.
    Dark and massive drones.
    Expressive lead synths and juicy bass sounds.
    Beautiful string instruments (guitars, plucked piano, cello derivatives).
    Bells and pluck sounds.
    Synthetic vocal textures.
    Epic brass swells (horns, trombones, sousaphone).
    Drum/percussion sounds for the drum sampler, dry and processed.
    Playful, edgy and minimal sequences.
    Evolving, rhythmical, often tempo-synced animations of timbre, amplitude and filters.

    You can view/download the PDF for this set including the licence agreement, more info and a detalled patchlist here.


    Takeover - Patchpool


    • 132 patches (including 8 variations).
    • 92 wavetables, also derived from the re-synthesis function in Avenger.
    • 83 sample maps (multi-samples) and one-shots (44.1 Khz - 24 Bit), 2+ GB (before lossless compression in Avenger).
    • 35 granular sources.
    • 13 single cycle waveforms (shapes).
    • 2 drumkits.
    • Library size in total: 953.3 MB (936 MB download).
    • All patches have the modulation wheel and the three Macros assigned, most also use Macro switches, many also use aftertouch.
    • Comes in the native avenger format, easy import/installation.
    • Delivery: download.
    • Discount price: € 38.50 EUR (reg. € 55)
    • Upgrade from version 1: € 8 EUR

    Patch categories (12 sub-folders):

    • Arp - Sequencer (17 including 6 variations)
    • Bass (8 including 1 variation)
    • Bells - Plucks (13)
    • Brass (5)
    • Drones (12)
    • Drums - Percussion (8)
    • Leads (5)
    • Pads (15)
    • Soundscapes (24)
    • String (7 including 1 variation)
    • Synth (11)
    • Vocal Synth (7)

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  • All demos were produced entirely with Avenger using only patches from Takeover, no post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the outputs and some volume automation, if several instances of Avenger were used in a track.

    130+ inspiring Avenger patches!


    Discount price: € 38.50 EUR (reg. € 55)

    Takeover - Patchpool
  • Here are some videos using sounds from Takeover:

  • My sincerest compliments on Takeover for Avenger. I always go through the pads, drones, and soundscape presets first (so I have not yet to comprehensively explore the rest of it), but the presets in those categories are OUTSTANDING. It's really great to see the power of that VI in a non-EDM context. This could become one of my go to synths for sure. Thanks Simon!

    - Avengerist via Facebook.


    Just to say, it's hard to make a comment: it's another great lesson in sound design. Dear Simon, if I had to describe your influence on me, (taste, skills, ruthlessness...) I'd surely say "He's a door opener!". I simply dive into the patches of Take Over I just downloaded and from the first second I start to understand, see, imagine, take inspiration, and a lot more... A synth that (maybe?) was born for Techno guys (or similar) sounds now like a platform for the open space and beyond. THANK YOU!!

    - Avenger entusiast on KVR.


    Great Job Simon, I am really enjoying this, really shows off what Avenger can do when in the right hands!

    - Avengerist on KVR.


    If you would like to make a comment about this sound library, here are some release threads:

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    Ambient Online

    Takeover - patchpool
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    Discount price: € 38.50 EUR (reg. € 55)

    Please allow me a few hours to manually process your order and send you the confirmation e-mail.


    To upgrade from Takeover version 1 for € 8 EUR, please use the button below.

    Takeover for Avenger - Patchpool
Avenger - Patchpool


Three libraries

349 patches

Hundreds of sources

Epic Sound Design!

Users owning either license can upgrade to the bundle, by paying the price difference between their first purchase and the bundle price, just contact me
via patchpool.

Discount price: € 92 EUR
(reg. € 115)