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TripleX for ElectraX/Electra2

This soundset contains 102 patches and 30 patch variations for the synthesizer ElectraX by Tone2. There are 6 sound categories with pads&synths, sequences, soundscapes, Sci-Fi textures, instruments and percussion (chromatic and achromatic) suitable for a wide range of musical styles.

Many sounds are sample based utilizing samples especially produced for this Bank, also making use of a split-stereo workaround so that there are true stereo samples involved. You'll find sampled saxophones, flutes, kalimba, electronic and vocal textures and lots more, often modulating VA oscillators with those samples via FM, a unique ElectraX feature yielding very interesting results. Quite a few resynthed waveforms are incorporated as well expanding the sonic palette even more. The unique fractal oscillators and filters in ElectraX are used extensively creating dense and fascinating electronic textures.

Up to 4 layers per patch make many of these patches sound TripleX, quite a few patches were programmed in split mode, distributing different sounds over the entire keyboard range. All patches have the modulation wheel assigned and often use aftertouch for additional sound sculpturing so it is advisable to use a keyboard with 88 keys and aftertouch to make the best out of this sound library.

The download folder includes the original sample content as well, mainly split stereo and mono samples so that you will be able to use these in other samplers or inside your DAW. You can read/download the pdf-file with further instructions, more details, the licence agreement and a patchlist here.

Library size: 162.8 MB (patches) - 195 MB (extra samples)
Download size: 283.5 MB

Price (paypal): 28 €
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All demos were produced entirely with ElectraX and patches from TripleX, no post-processing was applied.

If you would like to make a comment about this Bank please visit the KVR release-thread.

There is a TripleX review on which you can read here.