Convoluted Scape

Kontakt 4 - 133,4 MB unzipped - 48Khz/24Bit/stereo - 2 nkis/Instruments - Price: 6 €
6 samples compressed using Kontakt 4's ncw format

Lamp Mallets

6 long samples I created by convoluting electronic textures with vocal and violin samples, using the electronic sounds as sources and the acoustic sounds as Impulse Responses, multisampled from C#1 - E5.

Instrument Convoluted Scape
There is a Filter Section with Cutoff, Emphasis (Resonance), LFO-modulation amount and modulation speed for the Lowpass Filter

The Envelope section lets you control Attack and Release time

The Convolution Reverb section lets you choose between two Impulse Responses and gives you control over Size a well as Dry and Wet amount. There is also a bypass switch for the Convolution engine

The Modwheel controls the sample start point, turned fully up it moves the sample start by 85%.

Tip: While playing move the Modwheel before hitting the next key to determine a different start point for each note you play. Smoothen the Attack time to taste.


Instrument Convoluted Scape TM
This patch variation uses the samples in Kontakt's Tone Machine mode which can sound like a vocoder. In addition to the controls already mentioned, there is a Tone Machine section with a knob for sample speed and the amount/direction of LFO-controlled Formant modulation.


Scripting by Mario Krušelj (a.k.a. EvilDragon)


The demo was produced improvising with one instance of Kontakt playing the patch Convolutes Scape, tweaking the controls live. In a second pass I then recorded some overdubs with the Tone Machine version. No post processing was applied.

All Kontakt sounds on patchpool may be used in commercial and non-commercial music and sound design productions. Please don't trade these patches, don't pass them on to someone else and don't resample them for any use in commercial or free sample or sound libraries.


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