Kontakt 4 - 208.4 MB unzipped - 48Khz/24Bit - 3 nkis - Price: 8 €
9 samples compressed using Kontakt 4's .ncw format

9 Cinematic Synth and Vocal Drones.
This collection includes 3 patches / nkis with 3 overlapping Drones each:

Split Spacedrones
Hubble Space Music mapped from C0-C2
Interstellar Spacedrone mapped from C2-C4
Processed Subway Drone mapped from C4-C6

Split Synthdrones
Beauty of Drones mapped from C0-C2
Deep analog Drone mapped from C2-C4
Huge metallic Barreldrone mapped from C4-C6

Split Voicedrones
Male Voicedrone Eb mapped from C0-C2
Robot Mantra 01 mapped from C2-C4
Singing Elves mapped from C4-C6

Group 1 (keyswitch A0) in each nki plays back the samples in Sampler mode, shift the starting point of the samples to the right with the Modwheel
Group 2 (keyswitch B0) in each nki uses Time Machine 2 mode, slow the sample down with the inverted Modwheel. Time Machine is set to legato so when playing a sample using overlapping legato the sample will not restart but play through the entire sample. The singing elves sample in Split Voicedrone Group 2 is playing back in Tone machine mode resulting in a delicate vocoder-like tonal pad texture, sample speed is also controllable with the Modwheel.

The Demo was produced using all 3 patches within Logic, what you hear is only the Output of the 3 Kontakt instance, no post processing was applied.

All Kontakt sounds on patchpool may be used in commercial and non-commercial music and sound design productions. Please don't trade these patches, don't pass them on to someone else and don't resample them for any use in commercial or free sample or sound libraries.


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