Glass World

Kontakt 3.5 and above - 2.6 MB unzipped - 1 nki - Price: 2.50 €

A sample of tinkling glasses split up into looped and timestretched segments. Each segment has it's dedicated group.
Group 1/segment 1 plays from C-1 - B2. The grainsize of the time machine is controlled by a triangle shaped LFO. A looped zone envelope is assigned to the group's phaser cutoff.
Group 2/segment 2 plays from C3 - B5. The grainsize of the time machine is controlled by a Multi-LFO. A looped zone envelope is assigned to the group phaser cutoff.

The attack time of both groups can be controlled via the Modwheel. So with the wheel fully up you get a very slow attack, Modwheel down gives you a percussive attack. Group 3/segment 3 plays over the whole keyboard range (C-1 - G8) in Tone Machine mode with a looped zone envelope controlling the pitch and a triangle shaped LFO controlling the formant shift.
In the Insert FX section you will find a Convolution reverb with the whole reversed glass sample as an Impulse response, a stereo delay, some additional reverb and an EQ to filter out some of the resonances caused by the Convolution reverb.

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