Metal Pole and Bells

Kontakt 4 - 8.5 MB unzipped - 1 nki - Price: 2.50 €
2 samples compressed using Kontakt 4's .ncw format

This patch uses two samples captured whilst doing field recordings. The first sample is a sound I recorded in the streets of Berlin when hitting my hand against a metal pole. I denoised that with iZotope RX to reduce some of the background ambience.
The second sample is a bell-like sound I recorded when letting the recorder run after a gig I did in a Subway station, recording the deconstruction of the stage. There is also an Impulse Response in the Convolution engine I made with Aether Reverb and Echo Boy.

Both samples are mapped over the entire range, the second sample has a High-pass Filter applied. Turning up the Modwheel will bring in the same samples but reversed and fade out the forward samples so you can crossfade between back and forth. The reversed metal pole sample also has a High-pass FIlter applied with the Cutoff following the keynumber.
This patch can sound like church bells if played in the lower ranges and it can sound like strange asian bells in the higher ranges.

All Kontakt sounds on patchpool may be used in commercial and non-commercial music and sound design productions. Please don't trade these patches, don't pass them on to someone else and don't resample them for any use in commercial or free sample or sound libraries.


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