Mysterious Sineverbs

Kontakt 4 - 92,6 MB unzipped - 48Khz/24Bit/stereo - 1 nki - Price: 6 €
4 Soundscapes/Samples compressed using Kontakt 4's .ncw format

This mysterious patch uses 4 longer samples which I produced with Reaktor 5.5, Fabfilter Pro Q, Aether Reverb and SoundToys Echoboy.
The 4 samples are split up into 25 segments, each segment is looped either using crossfade loops or forward/backward loops, sometimes only the second half of the sample is looped.
From C3-C5 you will find the 25 untransposed segments, each segment has it's dedicated Group with a different ADSR-setting, the Pitchbender is set to +/- 2 semitones for theses Groups.
From C#5-C7 you will find 25 Groups triggered by keyswitches so that you can also play each segment in a 2 octave range. Those segments which have a distinct pitch are tuned so that playing e.g. a C will result in a pitch of C, the more dense/clusterlike segments are mapped, so that the original pitch will play at C6. For these Groups the Pitchbender is set to +/- 12 semitones. The 25 keyswitches are located from C0-C2.
The Demo was improvised in one pass using nearly all the keyswitches, the Pitchbender and some of the untransposed segments.


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