Resonating Scape

Kontakt 4 - 132,1 MB unzipped - 48Khz/24Bit/stereo - 1 nki - Price: 6 €
1 long Soundscape and a processed derivate thereof divided into 8 segments - Samples are compressed using Kontakt 4's ncw format

This patch uses a recording I made in a russian steelpipe factory. Some huge hammers banging on metal pipes. This recording was processed with Metasynth and the result furtherly processed with crusherX, Aether and Shimmer Reverb. The resulting sample was then processed again with Absynth FX pitched Supercombs and More Feedback Machine.
Both samples are mapped from C1-C6 (root key is D2) and are divided into 8 equal segments (looped), triggered by Keyswitches (C0-G0). The segments of the second sample can be faded in using the Modwheel, turning up the Modwheel will also reduce the volume of the first sample.. All segments have their dedicated Groups, which are all set to high Interpolation to reduce artifacts when extremely transposing the sample. This can cause CPU or Disk spikes depending on your system. In this case just swith the Interpolation (HQI) to "standard" in all groups.

In the live played demo all segments are used consecutively in various octaves, sometimes overlapping a bit by pressing a new keyswitch and triggering the next segment sound while holding the former sounds with the sustain pedal. The Modwheel fades the FX derivates (Sample 2) in and out.

All Kontakt sounds on patchpool may be used in commercial and non-commercial music and sound design productions. Please don't trade these patches, don't pass them on to someone else and don't resample them for any use in commercial or free sample or sound libraries.


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