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Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro

  • Granular Worlds

    105 presets

    1.8 Gigabytes

    Discount price: € 21 EUR (reg. € 30)

  • Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro

    Granular Worlds for Steinberg's Padshop Pro contains 105 presets making use of 1.8 Gigabyte of exceptional samples mostly created exclusively for this soundset. All samples were produced in 48 Khz / 24 Bit / stereo, the acoustic sounds and instruments in this library were recorded in L-C-R using 3 high quality Neumann mics. The electronic samples were produced with an array of soft- and hardware synths and FX-processors.

    Granular Worlds covers a wide range of expressively playable sounds ranging from huge cinematic soundscapes, warm and mellow pads, dark and haunting drones, real and unreal percussion instruments, temposynced sequences and loops to more bizarre experimental sounds, ethereal textures and beautiful instrumental sounds derived from flute, guitar, bowed/plucked strings and Okarina recordings. Some feld recordings, glass and wood sounds, Kalimba, harmonically playable plastic tubes as well as vocal samples also found their way into this soundset.

    The 141 wav-samples in this set are not locked or encrypted so they can be used in any other sampler or directly in the DAW of your choice.

    Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro - Patchpool

    The 105 presets are categorized in six folders:

    • Instrumental (13)
    • Pads and Drones (30)
    • Percussive (9)
    • Sequenced (11)
    • Soundscapes (29)
    • Weirdo Zone (13)

    All patches have the Modwheel assigned and often make use of Aftertouch and velocity control to add expressiveness and musicality.

    Granular Worlds is available in 2 formats:
    ".aupreset" for Mac-users who work with the AU-version of Padshop Pro and want to use the native Preset Browser e.g. in Logic Pro and ".vstpreset" for users who work with the vst3- or au-version of the Plug-In and want to use Padshop's native preset browser at the bottom of the GUI. Cubase users can also download a zip containing the media-tagged vst-presets for Granular Worlds. Matthias Klag from Steinberg, one of the developers of Padshop Pro, was so kind to tag my presets.

    You can view/download the PDF for Granular Worlds with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including playing tips and short descriptions for each patch here.

    Delivery: Download
    Library size in total: 1.8 Gigabyte - 1.21 GB download size (compressed RAR-archive in 3 parts) - 141 samples - 105 patches

    After your order has been manually processed you will receive a confirmation Email to the address stated in the paypal transaction including the download links and instructions. Please allow me a few hours to process your order.

    Discount price: € 21 EUR (reg. € 30)

  • All 41 demos in the widget above were produced entirely with patches from Granular Worlds using only Padshop Pro. No post-processing was applied apart from a Limiter on the Master Outputs.

    105 presets

    1.8 Gigabytes

    Discount price: € 21 EUR (reg. € 30)

    Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro - Patchpool
  • Fantastic set, Simon! Loving it, and will be using it in my current soundtrack work. Highly recommended.

    - Finely granulated review

    Seriously, marvelous sound pallette. To be fair something I haven't heard since Omnisphere. Brilliant work!

    - Astute sonic and economic reviewer

    I purchased this set last night. Fantastic textures and atmospheres, skillfully programmed. Very inspiring!

    - Snap impulse review from a deliberate buyer

    These padshop patches are astounding! They are exactly what I need for rich, deep ambient sounds.

    - Evening review from an American granulator

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    Discount price: € 21 EUR (reg. € 30)

    Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro - Patchpool
  • BUY Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro

    Discount price: € 21 EUR (reg. € 30)
    Please allow me a few hours to manually process your order and send you the confirmation Email with the download links.

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    Granular Worlds for Padshop Pro - Patchpool
  - Patchpool

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