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Pre-release: Relativity for Fabfilter Timeless 3

  • Relativity
    for Timeless 3

    Pre-order: € 20 EUR

    Relativity - patchpool
  • Relativity  for Timeless 3

    Relativity for Fabfilter Timeless 3 contains 100+ creative presets which take full advantage of all the features present in this multi FX plug-in. From ambient space generators to intricate multi-tap delays to lush reverbs and modulation effects to complex and futuristic atmospheres, Relativity offers a wide range of presets suitable for rhythmical, ambient and experimental music.

    Many presets have multiple sliders assigned for quick, creative and easy interaction with the produced sounds.

    The currently 61 presets (including 1 variation) are categorized in three sub-folders:

    • Reverb (15)
    • Rhythmical (30)
    • Special FX (16)

    All customers will receive a first batch of patches (currently 61) to shorten the waiting time until the final release. Updates will be deployed as the production progresses.
    Relativity is delivered via e-mail attachment link, please allow me a few hours to send you the order confirmation.


    • 100+ creative patches.
    • Delivery: e-mail.
    • Pre-release price: € 20 EUR.
    • Price on release (August): € 25 EUR.
    Relativity - patchpool

    Purchase for € 20 EUR via PayPal

    Please allow me a few hours to manually process your order and send you the confirmation E-mail.

  • All demos were produced using only effects provided by the patches from Relativity.

    100+ timeless patches to explore!


    Pre-release price: € 20 EUR.

  • Here are some videos demonstrating patches from Relativity.

  • Let's explore spacetime!

    - The author.


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    Relativity - patchpool
  • Order Relativity
    for Timeless 3

    Pre-release price: € 20 EUR.

    Please allow me a few hours to manually process your order and send you the confirmation E-mail.

    Relativity - patchpool
Relativity - Patchpool

Explore spacetime!


Pre-release price: € 20 EUR.