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Edgy Scapes

Preset Bank for u-he's Filterscape

50 presets plus 25 variations for spicing up instruments, loops, synths and beats
The presets are delivered in the "fxp" format, so you can load them in AU and VST Plug-Ins on Mac and Windows.

Read/download a more detailed description and a patchlist here

Price: 9.95 €

Please allow me a few hours to process to your order, you will receive an email with the presets and the PDF to the address stated in your paypal-account

Sound Bank Edgy Scapes

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Buy Zebra2 1st Encounter, 2nd Thoughts, MFM2 Beat Twista and Filterscape Edgy Scapes together - only € 45 EUR

Goods will be manually delivered as zip-files to your e-mail address.
Please allow me a few hours to respond to your order.

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