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Second Thoughts for Zebra

For years I wanted to create another soundset for Zebra, as the patchpool journey started with some Kontakt patches and a sound-bank for Zebra. 2nd Thoughts contains 86 fresh patches for the legendary Zebra synthesizer. Since my first soundset for it, I gathered even more experience and knowledge about synth programming, sound design and sonic art in general, all of this has accumulated in this set.

This collection includes rich animated textures, drones and pads, often tempo-synced, expressive and fat leads, intricate sequencer grooves, snappy plucks and versatile bass sounds, beautiful tonal and haunting atonal soundscapes, experimental noises and physically modeled fantasy instruments. All of the oscillator waveforms and wavetables were created in Zebra's wavetable editor and all patches have up to four x/y-Macros assigned. All patches also make use of the modulation wheel and often aftertouch.
Download/view the pdf with more infos, the licence agreement and the patchlist here.


  • 86 presets including 2 variations
  • Soundscapes - Drones – 21
  • Sequencer – 17
  • Pads – 12
  • Leads – 8
  • Synth - Keys – 14
  • Bells - Plucks – 7
  • Bass–7


Price: € 25 EUR

Zebra2 2nd Thoughts


Price: € 25 EUR

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